A gap exists in the market for ‘quick-fix”, accurate, symptom alleviating treatment…

Physiossage emerged at a time when a physiotherapist who woke up with a sprained neck was unable to get help on that day as most physiotherapists were unfortunately fully booked that day. Her pain didn’t resolve with anti inflammatories and she started to develop a severe headache by late afternoon. Being desperate for relief, she sought out a massage at a spa. While the treatment was very relaxing, it failed to address either the throbbing in her head or the pain in her neck. It was over breakfast with a friend who happens to be a doctor that they discussed the idea that a half-way house for the two genres would be a welcome addition to the frenetic lifestyle here in Sandton Johannesburg.. and so the Physiossage concept was birthed. A gap exists in the market for ‘quick-fix”, accurate, symptom alleviating treatment.

As the world evolves, time is a diminishing resources and stress is on the increase. Stress related diseases are at an all time high. Psychological conditions like anxiety, tension, depression, mood swings, bad tempers etc abound in day to day lives of every person. And all those conditions are born out off a a tense, constantly demanding life, whether it be at work or at home. We are all so busy with “busyness”, as one author so aptly put it, that we are burning out…or we suffer from chronic fatigue and pain in most of our body. Chronic psychological stresses and pressure leads the body to accept a state of tension as a state of normal, which is not healthy, and eventually will lead to a physical symptom of some kind. Our bodies were designed to face physical danger with minimal damage to itself and archaic reflexes like increased muscle tension in response to stress, still exists. Which means even though we may be in no physical danger at all, seated in our offices, our body still reacts to emotional / mental stress in the same way. So what can we do to alleviate this stress/ physical tension/ burnout/ cycle? The answer lies in the ancient art of massage therapy. Used for eons, as a means to cure, heal , relieve aches, reduce tension by so many cultures like the Thai/ Chinese/Hawaiian/ Indians/ Greeks/ Romans etc. Almost every ancient culture had some form of massage included in its natural medicine arsenal of treatments.